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  • Credits: 4

French 131 is for students whose background and preparation allow them to achieve a strong placement test score, or who have taken French 102 or 121.

Course objectives: This course will help students review essential structures in further detail, improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in French and prepare you for further study of French. Upon successful completion of this course sequence, students will be able to: 1) comprehend spoken French with sufficient ability to grasp the main idea and some supporting details in short conversations that relate to daily life and represent authentic situations.  2) speak French well enough to have short conversations with native speakers about a variety of topics using the present and past tenses.  This course will provide sufficient language practice to enable students to become intermediate-level speakers of French (intermediate-mid ) as defined by the ACTFL Guidelines) 3) read and understand selections of texts taken from a variety of genre that touch on many different topics. 4) write more complex sentences and paragraphs varying in length (no more than two pages) on familiar topics that relate to personal situations and experiences as well as more general topics.

Grade distribution

Exam 1 = 15%; Final exam = 20%; Quizzes = 15 % ; Compositions & Oral presentation 10%; Assignments = 15% ; Canvas discussions, VoiceThread and other activities = 10% ; Participation = 15%.





Course material

Interaction: Langue et culture. Susan St. Onge & Ronald St. Onge. Cengage 9th Edition  (eBook)

 Diversit√© : la nouvelle francophone √† travers le monde. Heinle Cengage 2nd ed

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