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FRENCH AT RUTGERS & BEYOND - Thursday, April 18, 2024

A major in French or equivalent coursework provides the linguistic and cultural training required to teach French in K-12. Teaching world languages after graduation is an achievable short-term goal (see below about how to apply for a certificate of eligibility). As freshmen or junior you may also consider pursuing a 5-year program combining a BA and a Masters's in Education through the Rutgers Graduate School of Education (GSE).

World Language and ESL K-12 educators are in high demand, and French teachers are particularly needed in NJ. As a language teacher, you will have a meaningful and rewarding career with job security and many benefits. Teaching does not need to be a life-long commitment. Teaching French can be way to achieve financial security and gain professional skills while thinking about what your next career goals or educational pursuits could be.

To get started please see some of the resources below.

New Jersey Teacher Certificates

The multistate pathway to teaching French (apply by April 15)

Graduate School of Education Alternate Route

Graduate School of Education - Foreign Language Education

Graduate School of Education - Foreign Language Education (K-12) Five-Year Teacher Education Program

Graduate School of Education - Foreign Language Education and ESL (K-12)