Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For questions about special permission or pre-reqs:  please click here.

General Questions

Do I need to fill out any forms to declare a major or minor?  Not for the French Department. 
You may need to for your school or college.

For advising hours:  please click here.

If you need to schedule a make-up exam:  Please e-mail the undergraduate administrator,
Ms. Sarah Schroeder, at least one week before the exam date with the name of the course, course number, and reason you need to re-schedule.  Please note:  we do not consider work or travel to be acceptable reasons.

Do you accept auditors?  It depends on the course, the instructor, and the reason.  Please e-mail the Undergraduate Director with the name of the course, course number, and reason for your request.

I am a senior and majoring (or minoring) in French.  Are all of my courses in order? 
We urge you to contact the department in the spring of your junior year to check if you are meeting major or minor requirements.  Do not wait until your senior year. The first step is to check degree navigator.  Then, e-mail the Undergraduate Director to set up an appointment to come in.

Questions About Course Offerings, Instructors, & Books

What courses are you offering next semester?  We post our list of courses one week before registration begins.  Please see our website under courses.

Can I have the name of the instructor teaching a course?  We do not provide instructor names before the start of the semester because the schedule often changes.  Please see the online schedule of classes for the most up-to-date information.

How can I find out what books will be required for a course?  We order our books through the Rutgers University Bookstore, located in Ferren Mall in New Brunswick. To find out what books are required, please go to the bookstore website under textbooks.

Do you offer summer courses in French?  Yes.  Please contact the Rutgers summer session office for the most up-to-date information.

Questions About Transfer Credit

If you are a transfer student, or doing study abroad through another institution:  Contact the Undergraduate Director and make an appointment to come in.  Bring as much course information as possible:  syllabus, course description, program brochure, et cetera.  Where appropriate, we will approve course equivalencies for transfer credit.

Can you provide a course syllabus so I can get it approved by my home university?  Yes.  Please e-mail the undergraduate administrator, Ms. Sarah Schroeder, with the name of the course, course number, and reason for your request.

I took an AP course in high school.  What score is required to get course credit?  An AP course with a score of 4 or 5 will be granted course credit, and replaces French 210 in terms of major/minor requirements.

Questions About Specific Courses & Programs

Does French 102 or 132 have a lab?  If you take either course in the fall, there is no lab. 
If you take either one in the spring, then yes, there is a lab.

What is French 105?  This course allows students to acquire a reading knowledge of French as quickly as possible.  It is taught in English.

Do I have to take 213 and 214?  For a French major, yes.
Do I have to take them in consecutive order?  Yes.
Will they count toward a minor?  Yes.

For the Living & Learning course, do I need a special permission number?  Yes.  Please e-mail the undergraduate administrator, Ms. Sarah Schroeder.

Can I do more than one semester of independent study?  No.

For information about the Certificate of Basic Knowledge (or other certificate programs):
please click here.