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"Diplôme du français des Affaires"

  • Certificates are awarded by the Chambre de Commerce de Paris to students passing special examinations in May.
  • Students must first take French 324 and are advised to take French 401 and 405, or courses with equivalent cultural and historical background.

Secondary Teaching Certificate

  • A teaching certificate is awarded to students completing a French major and the five-year teaching education program.
  • For more information, contact the the Rutgers Graduate School of Education, Office of Teacher Education.

Certificate of Basic Knowledge in French

  • For students who are not majoring or minoring in French.
  • Student must demonstrate an ability to comprehend, speak, read, and write French as attested by a grade of B or better in two courses (must equal 6 credits or more) at or above the 200-level (conducted entirely in French).
  • Note:  The certificate is awarded only with or subsequent to the awarding of a baccalaureate degree in an approved major.  
  • There will be no notation on the academic transcript.  Application available upon request in the department.

Associated Programs

  • Courses in French are occasionally cross-listed in other programs such as: Medieval Studies, Film Studies, Women's Studies, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics.  Courses on French topics are also taught in History and Art History.

History / French Double Major

  • The History / French double major is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of France and its history. 
  • For more information, please click here.