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B.A., Université Paris IV Sorbonne
M.A.,Université Paris IV Sorbonne & Tulane University                     
Ph.D., Columbia University                                                                                          

Fields of Research:

Environmental Humanities, Pacific Studies, Francophone Studies, Indigenous Studies, Decolonial Studies, Militarization Studies, Ecofeminism, Marxist Theory, Digital Humanities

Raised in Mā’ohi Nui, Anaïs Maurer is Assistant Professor of French and Comparative Literature at Rutgers University, and Faculty Associate at Columbia University’s Center for Nuclear Studies. Her research foregrounds how Pacific artists and activists have resisted environmental racism in Oceania, from the genocidal epidemics of earlier centuries to the contemporary period of nuclear colonialism and carbon imperialism. She strives to facilitate decolonial dialogue across cultures and languages and is involved in various translation projects to bring the Indigenous literature of the French-occupied Pacific to an Anglophone audience. Her first monograph, Pacific Stories from Nuclear Survivors to Climate Activists, is forthcoming with Duke University Press.

Journal Articles

  • “Bonded by the Bomb: Asian-Oceanian Alliances against French Nuclear Colonialism,” in Center-to-Center Relationalities: At the Nexus of Pacific Islands Studies and Trans-Pacific Studies, special issue of Critical Ethnic Studies 7:2 (2022)
  • “Pacific Women Antinuclear Poetry: Centering Indigenous Knowledges,” in Feminist Interrogations of Global Nuclear Politics, special issue of International Affairs 98:4 (2022) [co-authored with Rebecca H. Hogue]
  • “Snaring the Nuclear Sun: Decolonial Ecologies in Titaua Peu’s Mutismes: E ’ore te vāvā,” The Contemporary Pacific, 31:2 (2020)
  • “Océanitude: repenser le tribalisme occidental au prisme des nationalismes océaniens,” Francosphères, 8:2 (2019)
  • “Nukes and Nudes: Counter-Hegemonic Identities in the Nuclearized Pacific,” French Studies, 72:3 (2018)

Edited Special Issue of Journal

  • New Directions in Contemporary Mā’ohi Literature, in the Australian Journal of French Studies, 61:1 (2024). [Co-edited with Julia Frengs and Jeffrey Zuckerman]
  • Transnational Nuclear Imperialisms, Journal of Transnational American Studies, 11:2 (2020) [Co-edited with Rebecca Hogue] 

Book Chapters

  • “Mā’ohi Lives Matter: A Call for Environmental Justice in the Nuclearized Pacific,” In Michelle Beauclair (Ed.), The Francophone World: Cultural Issues and Perspectives, New York: Peter Lang, Second Edition. Forthcoming.
  • “‘Qui ne mourrait pas de cancer dans nos îles?’ L’imaginaire poétique des océaniens antinucléaires," in Renaud Meltz and Alexis Vrignon, Des Bombes en Polynésie : Les essais nucléaires français dans le Pacifique, Paris: Vandémiaire, 2022.
  • “Kakadu – Kwajalein – Ka Pae ’Āina: les nouvelles routes de l’impérialisme nucléaire,” in Sémir Al Wardi, Jean-Marc Régnault (Eds.), Indo-Pacifique et routes de la soie. Les nouvelles stratégies mondiales,Pape’ete : Api Tahiti Éditions, 2021.

Graduate Courses:

  • The Other Francophonie

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Modern French Literature
  • Intro to Global Sci-Fi (Comparative Literature)
  • Power and Place
  • Our World: Social Justice and the Environment (Comparative Literature)
  • Revolutions
  • Francophonie on Fire