Program Description

The History / French double major is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of France and its history. The program combines the offerings of the History and French Departments to form a coherent curriculum that joins the rigorous historical study of France or related Francophone countries with the in-depth study of literature and culture, including mastery of the language.

This program provides excellent preparation for graduate studies in History, French, and Global, Cultural, or International Studies, for other professional study, or for employment in related areas.

Students completing the program will acquire the following:  competence in the French language; general knowledge of French literature and culture and of the tools used in its study; knowledge of French and Francophone history and the methods of historical study; and more advanced knowledge of the French or Francophone areas they choose to investigate at a senior undergraduate level.

Please note that acceptance into this major requires an in-person meeting with an advisor in the history department. Please visit Van Dyck Hall, room 111 to speak with a history advisor. The Major should be discussed with the Undergraduate Director in French as well.

Program Outline

Students take 45 credits, distributed as follows:

  • 18 credits in the Department of History.
    • 6 credits in French History (510: 331, 333, 335 or others by approval). These courses have as their primary subject the history of France or a French-speaking region.
    • 12 credits in either French History or adjacent domains "Adjacent domains" courses treat areas or topics with a close relation to French history, including non-European Francophone cultures. See list below.
  • 24 credits in the Department of French.
    • 9 credits of French language courses.
    Students may count only 1 of 420: 131, 132, 210.
    Students may not count 420: 101, 102, 105 or 121.
    • 6 credits as follows: 420: 215 (or 217) and 216 (or 218).
    These courses have pre-requisite of 200-level placement or successful
    completion of 420:132.
    • 9 credits on the 300 and 400 levels, at least 3 of which have to be on the 400 level.
  • 3 credits for a senior seminar jointly offered by History and French.
    (taught in English with supplemental materials in French).

Sample four-year program for a student completing a History/French major:

1 420: 131-2 (1 counts towards major) 510: 101,102 (Dev. Europe)
2 215-216
2 French History or adjacent
3 1 300 level
1 300 level
2 French History or adjacent
4 1 400 level 1 joint senior seminar

(Sample only; individual programs will vary widely)

Note that this program leaves ample room for the student to complete College distribution requirements, as well as, if desired, a second major, and to participate in study abroad or Honors. Students are encouraged to consider shaping their program to develop broad competency in specific areas, such as Francophone studies, medieval studies, modern France, and the like. Technical Options and remarks

  • One college or FAS honors seminar on an appropriate History / French topic may be counted towards the major, with written approval of an advisor.
  • In the event no senior seminar is taught in a given year, a student may substitute, with written approval from an advisor, a college or department honors project, a graduate course that requires a long research paper, or a senior seminar in French or History.
  • If 6 of the French credits are taken on the 400 level, the remaining 3 can be taken in a French course taught in English.
  • One course given outside the History and French Departments on a topic directly related to French History may be counted towards the major requirements, with written approval from an advisor. Example: 082:351 "Art in France," or a special seminar on "Paris/Tokyo — 1700 to the Present."
  • Credit towards the major for courses transferred from other institutions requires written approval. Of the required 8 upper-level courses, at least 4 must be taken with New Brunswick faculty.
  • "Adjacent domains" courses in History include:
    •    321 Age of Enlightenment
         323 Age of Absolutism and Revolution
         325 Nineteenth-century Europe
         327 Twentieth-century Europe
         343 England, 1485-1789

510: 101, 102 Development of Europe                
       363 Germany since 1914
       417 First World War
       427 Intellectual History of Modern Europe
       445 Industrial Revolution

508: 322 West Africa
       422 African Cultural History
Other courses may be added upon written approval of an advisor.