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Program description

The M.A.T. program in French Studies is designed for individuals already teaching French. A candidate is admitted on the basis of formal background in French studies. An application for the M.A.T. program is normally considered only after the student has completed one summer of course work (a minimum of two three-credit courses) in the Rutgers’ summer Language Center. These Language Center courses can be applied toward the M.A.T. degree. Regardless of admission to the M.A.T. degree, these course credits may potentially be used to meet requirements for professional continuing education, certification or re-certification, or transfer to another program. Appropriate courses are offered primarily in the summer; any student wishing to take courses toward the M.A.T. degree during the regular academic year (whether graduate or undergraduate) may do so with the permission of the Graduate Director.

Degree requirements

M.A.T. candidates take 30 credits of course work, chosen from among courses on French and Francophone civilization, language, literature, and film. The course of study should be planned to meet the needs of the individual student, but will normally include: three credits in methodology, a minimum of six credits in language pedagogy (languages across the curriculum, second language acquisition, technology in the classroom, assessment, grammar and stylistics, translation, linguistics) and at least twelve credits in French and Francophone literature and/or culture.

For the final 3 credits of the M.A.T. degree, students are required to prepare a teaching portfolio. The portfolio relates the student’s course of study and professional situation (teaching level, curricular focus, district) through the creation of a compendium of syllabi, lesson plans, and other teaching materials. The student must identify a mentoring committee of two (which may include a member from another Rutgers department) and, once the committee has given its approval, must present the portfolio in public. 


Students may, with the approval of the Graduate Director, participate in a summer study abroad program, credits earned being counted toward the degree. Participation in Teachers at the Louvre does not require preapproval.

Students may elect to take one course (three credits) in the Graduate School of Education, upon prior approval by the Graduate Director.

Upon request and with the authorization of the Graduate Director, students may, in lieu of preparing a teaching portfolio and after having completed 30 credits of coursework, take a comprehensive exam on French and Francophone literature, culture, and linguistics. The reading list for the examination is to be determined by the student in consultation with a committee of two faculty members.

The Graduate Director may accept up to 12 credits from another institution toward the fulfillment of degree requirements only after 12 credits have been completed at Rutgers.

The M.A.T. in French is considered to be a terminal degree, in that it does not lead to Ph.D. studies. Any student who seeks admission to the Ph.D. program during or after M.A.T. studies must apply through the normal application process.