gargoyle1Dates:  June 15 - July 28, 2018


The Rutgers Summer Program in Paris is an academic program designed to provide students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the language and culture of France in the best possible social and intellectual environment.

Faculty & Staff

The faculty is composed of professors from prestigious French universities and faculty members from Rutgers University who accompany the group.  This year, the Summer Program will be directed by Dr. Medha Karmarkar of the Department of French, Rutgers-New Brunswick.

Program of Study

  • Students are placed into small classes according to their proficiency in French.  The minimum language requirement is the equivalent of two years of college-level French. 
  • Classes meet for two two-hour sessions, four days a week (M-T-Th-F).  Students are expected to give top priority to their coursework. 
  • One of the goals of the Summer in Paris prgoram is to immerse students in the French language.  For this reason, you will be asked to pledge to speak only French during the entire length of the program. 
  • Students will take two courses from the following list, for a total of 6 credits:

213. INTENSIVE ADVANCED GRAMMAR (3 credits):  The sounds, forms, and structures of French: grammar, phonetics, translation, vocabulary building, and composition. Oral drill and frequent written work.

215. ASPECTS OF FRENCH LITERATURE (3 credits):  An introduction to French literature through the reading and discussion (oral and written) of representative works from romanticism to existentialism.

303. CULTURE, CONVERSATION, AND COMPOSITION (3 credits):  Development of fluency and spontaneity of oral and written expressions through cultural explorations, group discussions, and debates.

372. TOPICS IN FRENCH CINEMA:  Beyond the Fiction Feature Film (3 credits):  This course examines three areas not ordinarily thought of as "French Cinema":  documentary, animation, and avant‑garde works. In each, we will try to tease out what, if anything is specifically "French," and what larger questions (theoretical, critical, or historical) these bodies of work help to illuminate.

405. MODERN FRANCE (3 credits):  France has evolved rapidly since the founding of the Fifth Republic five decades ago into a highly modernized society characterized by generous social protections, a vibrant participatory democracy, and an unpredictable economy. The envy of some, it is an object of scorn for others. We will learn why this is so by exploring the nation's political, economic, and social systems in the context of the European Union. Open to students with three or more years of college French.

469. FRANCOPHONE WOMEN WRITERS & ARTISTS (3 credits): What does it mean for for women to “come to writing” in French from outside the Hexagon? We will examine issues of gender, and race, the importance of orality, history and myth in the construction of new hybrid identities as we analyze women’s voices in North African and Caribbean writing and art.


Grades are based on examinations and class performance according to the Rutgers University system.  Upon completion of the program, students may request a transcript from the Rutgers transcript office.  Requests for special grading arrangements (e.g., Pass/Fail) must be made and approved before the program begins.

Cultural Activities

Our Summer in Paris program emphasizes the connection between the contemporary cultural life in France and the intellectual content of the courses.  And so, the program includes a significant number of visits to the beautiful museums, cathedrals, and other monuments of Paris and neighboring sites (such as Versailles), as well as participation in a variety of Parisian cultural events (plays, concerts, etc.).  In some cases, cultural activities - research in a library or in a museum, visiting a specific neighborhood - may fulfill part of the course requirements.  In addition, a five-day Bastille Day recess allows students to schedule independent activities from July 11 through July 15.

Cultural Activity List

The following are group activities we did in 2014.  This list is provided as a guideline of what may be available for any given summer.  A detailed list of scheduled activities will be provided to all participants closer to departure.

  Notre-Dame de Paris Fête de la Musique Fête du cinéma Croisière bateaux parisiens
  Château de Versailles Opéra Garnier Festival Paris Plage Cheese tasting
         Cité de la Musique
- Parc de la Villette
Opéra Bastille (Ballet) Exposition: Orient Express Picnic in the Luxembourg
  Open visits to the Louvre "Le Malade Imaginaire"
- Comédie Française
Cimetière du Père Lachaise Promenade Littéraire
  Maison de Victor Hugo Ionesco - La Cantatrice Chauve
(Theatre de la Huchette)
  Les Catacombes      
  Institut du Monde Arabe      

Paris 2016

2016 Paris Group

Paris Journal

The 2016 group produced a journal
about their experience.  We hope you enjoy it!


Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, reserves the right
to make any changes in this program that may become necessary.

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is dedicated by law and by
purpose to serving all people
on an equal and nondiscriminatory basis.


  • One of the highlights of the Rutgers Summer Program in Paris is that students reside with French hosts.  All hosts are selected with the utmost care.  These arrangements offer students the opportunity to experience France in a uniquely authentic fashion.
  • Lodging arrangements include a single or shared private room for one or two students, depending on availability and student preference. 
  • Most hosts allow the use of their kitchen for meals. 
  • You will be notified about your host family by mid-May.


  • You are free to make your own travel arrangements.
  • Once you are sure you are going, we recommend you purchase your ticket as soon as possible.

If you arrive before the program starts:

  • You may arrive before the program starts (Saturday morning), however, you must find your own lodging for those days. 
  • You must inform the department of your travel itinerary.
  • Contact the program director when you arrive in Paris.
  • Contact your host family and let them know when you will be arriving at their home.  You cannot arrive there before Saturday morning.
  • There is a mandatory workshop on the first Monday after arrival.

For non-US citizens:

  • You will need to contact the French embassy in New York to find out if you need a visa. 
  • If you do need a visa, you will need to purchase your airline ticket first, and then bring the itinerary and proof of payment to the embassy.


The Rutgers Summer Program in Paris is open to both Rutgers and non-Rutgers students.  We encourage all candidates to apply
as soon as possible.  The group is limited to 24 students.  Applications will be considered while space is available. 

We prefer students to apply in the fall; spring is also acceptable.  All program fees are due by May 1st, so registration should be completed by that date.


Program Fees

For New Jersey residents:  $5490        For out-of-state residents:  $8,556

Program fees include:  cost of instruction, cultural activities that are part of the program (e.g., museums, plays, etc.), lodging, and health insurance for all participants.

Not included in the fees:  round-trip air fare, meals, books, personal expenses,
dental work, travel.

Schedule of Payments

  • Upon acceptance, $1,500 is due; the balance is due by May 1st.
  • Payment by check or money order only (no credit cards), made out to: 
    Rutgers University.
  • Accepted by mail or in person to the French Department, attention:
    Sarah Schroeder, Program Coordinator

Withdrawal Fees & Refunds

  • For withdrawal on or before April 1st:  $700 will be deducted from payments.
  • For withdrawal after April 1st, but on or before May 30th:  $1,500 will be deducted from payments.
  • For cancelling between June 1st and the group's departure:  there will be
    a refund of $500. 
  • There will be no refunds after departure.
  • If conditions necessitate an increase in price, this will be announced by May 1st,
    and students wishing to withdraw will receive a full refund.

Application Form

Please complete and submit required forms:

Note:  In addition to the forms above, an official transcript is required for non-Rutgers students.      

How to submit the forms

You may download the required forms (fillable), complete, save, and email as an attachment to Sarah Schroeder.

by e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

by regular mail or in person:
Department of French - Summer in Paris Program
Rutgers University
Attention: Sarah Schroeder, Program Coordinator
Academic Building 4th Floor
15 Seminary Place
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

by fax:  732-932-7125

by phone: 848-932-8223







Note:  These scholarships are available to Rutgers University students only.

Rutgers French Department

The French Department offers the following two scholarships for Rutgers students.  These are partial scholarships awarded to students on the combined basis of need and merit.  Upon acceptance, we will mail an application to all eligible students.  To be considered, applications must be received by April 1st.

  • The Rick Lockwood Memorial Travel Scholarship
  • The Albert M. Wolohojian Memorial Travel Scholarship

Douglass Residential College (DRC)

The Douglass Residential College offers scholarships to Douglass students planning on studying abroad through a Rutgers-sponsored program in the fall semester, spring semester, summer, or for the entire academic year.  If you are a Douglass student in good academic standing, and you would like to pursue studies internationally, please visit the DRC website to learn more about funding opportunities.
If you have questions about Douglass scholarships, please contact Lauren Zielinski, Director of Scholarships and Housing, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

School for Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS)

SEBS offers International Summer Scholarships to SEBS students.  For more information, please go to:  scholarships.

School of Arts and Sciences (SAS)

SAS makes small awards to their students based on need [a Financial Aid Form (FAF) must be on file with the University] and merit.
For information on scholarships for SAS students, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Phi Sigma Iota

Phi Sigma Iota Merit Scholarship:  This scholarship is granted to undergraduate members of Phi Sigma Iota based on merit (overall cumulative average, average in foreign languages taken at Rutgers, and level of study achieved).  For more information, please go to:  Phi Sigma Iota.

For more information about possible scholarships, please visit:

Is there an application fee?  No.

I studied French in high school, but I have not taken any college-level French.  Can I still apply? 
No.  Applicants must have taken Intermediate French, or the equivalent of French 132.

I am in my last year at Rutgers.  Can I still apply?  Yes.

What are the deadlines for applying?
We prefer students to apply in the fall; spring is also acceptable.  All fees are due by May 1st, so registration
should be completed by that date.

I submitted an application.  When will I be notified of my acceptance or denial?  Within one month.

Does financial aid apply towards the program? 
It may or may not.  Please contact the university financial aid office to confirm.

I have a parent who works at Rutgers.  Does tuition remission still apply?  Yes, one summer is allowed. 

I am a Rutgers student.  Can the doctor's form be filled out at one of the campus health centers?  Yes.

How do I register for the classes?
In April, we hold a workshop for all participants.  You will fill out a form there, and we will register on your behalf.
Please let us know if you cannot attend the workshop, and we will make other arrangements.
For non-Rutgers students, we will mail the course registration form to you.

I know a friend or someone who lives in Paris.  Do I still have to stay with a host family selected by the program? 
Yes.  All participants must stay with a program-selected host family.

Are the classes taught at a French university?  No.  Rutgers University rents space at the AGECA.

Are there any group activities planned?  Do we get to travel outside of Paris?
Yes.  Please see the cultural activities section of the program description page.
If you choose to go to any site independently, you must notify the director of your plans.

I am a non-Rutgers student.  How can I obtain a copy of my transcript at the completion of the program?
Please contact the Rutgers Transcript Office.

Contact Us

Academic Building, 4th floor
15 Seminary Place
College Avenue Campus
New Brunswick, NJ 08901