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Marius Kahakeu Deffo is a second-year Ph.D. student and Teaching Assistant in the Department of French and Cinema Studies. He holds a combined honours bachelor's degree in English and French from the University of Buea. He holds an MA in teaching of French as a Foreign Language in the same institution. His fields of research include Sociolinguistics, Didactics, and linguistics. He has contributed to George Echu’s (dir) book “LE BILINGUISME OFFICIEL AU CAMEROUN ÉVOLUTION ACTUELLE ET DYNAMIQUE / Official language bilingualism in Cameroon Current insights and dynamics”, Paris: Harmattan, pp.311-334, 2023 (Les défis du bilinguisme officiel camerounais : enjeux des représentations du français et de son enseignement aux anglophones à partir d’une étude de cas de la ville de Buea).

He has also contributed to Nicodème Glo, Sévérin Nwaha & Oumarou TOUMBA’s (dirs.) “METROLOGY OF SOCIAL-ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGES IN CAMEROON’S NATURAL RESOURCES EXPLOITATION”, Douala: Cheikh Anta Diop, 2023 (Duality of conception of nature and competition between pygmies and forestry industries in the South-East of Cameroon).

Marius Kahakeu Deffo is passionate about colonial and postcolonial studies. He intends to pursue interdisciplinary research on the Francophone world's culture and literature. He is also interested in oral literature, gender studies, migration, disasters, trauma, and diaspora studies.