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Course description: How can social theories about power benefit the environmental movement, and help to solve our gravest environmental problems? In this class, we will see how the power imbalances produced by imperialism and capitalism have allowed France to systematically outsource its environmental pollution in places belonging to Black and Indigenous people. Environmental activists in the French and Francophone world, from antinuclear activists in Tahiti to yellow vests in France, have actualized social theories about power to reclaim their environment and their futures. Exploring places in the Pacific, the Caribbean, and Europe, this class explores how Marxist, antiracist, and feminist struggles subtend environmental movements. Primary material includes novels, comics, songs, films, and essays by authors such as Chantal Spitz, Pierre Gope, Jacques Roumain, Kopp Johnson, Jean-Marc Rochette, and Pablo Servigne.

Exams, Assignments, and Grading Policy: Students will demonstrate their mastery of the topic through participation in class discussion (20%), weekly online forums (10%), two short essays (30%), a presentation (10%) and a creative digital PSA (20%). 

Language of instruction: Course and reading material are all in English

Satisfies SAS Core Learning Goals - AHp, WCd

Faculty: Professor Anaïs Maurer