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  • Credits: 1.5

French 298 is a conversation course based on special topics in French & Francophone cultures. Students will develop and improve fluency and accuracy in oral expression and listening comprehension.  

Authentic material will be used as the basis for communicative activities, cultural explorations, and discussions. This class is conducted in French and the use of English is kept to a minimum.

The French Cultural Experience course introduces students to conversation through discussing various French-related topics, watching films, and reading short text. The chosen topics serve as an introduction to specific linguistic objectives, and to cultural notions. This course offers an opportunity to develop cultural knowledge while practicing conversation skills and making connections with other students who are interested to continue their training in French. 

Class time will be dedicated to discussions, students’ presentations, and film viewing in French. 

Required of the residents of the French House. Permission of department. May be repeated for credit.

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