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  • Credits: 4

French 101 is for students with no previous knowledge of French. This course gives a thorough grounding in all aspects of French language and culture with a balanced coverage of all four skill areas:  speaking, listening, reading and writing. French 101 does not carry degree credit for students with two or more years of high school French.

Course objectives: French 101 will help students develop a competency of the French language through a comprehensive approach which balances the development of the following five skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing and cultural competence. Upon successful completion of this course sequence, students will be able to: 1) comprehend spoken French with sufficient ability to grasp the main idea and some supporting details in short conversations that relate to daily life and represent authentic situations.  2) speak French well enough to describe, narrate in the present, to express personal meaning about a variety of simple topics, to ask and answer questions, and to deal with most common everyday situations in French. This course will provide sufficient language practice to enable students to become novice-level speakers of French (as defined by the ACTFL Guidelines) 3) read and understand the main idea and some details of highly contextualized reading material from diverse French-speaking countries. 4) write sentences and short paragraphs on familiar topics that relate to personal interests and activities using new vocabulary, structures and communications strategies. 

Grade distribution

Exam 1 = 15% ; Final exam = 20%; Quizzes & Compositions=20 %; Mindtap assignments = 20%; AR sessions participation in Canvas discussions, VoiceThread and other activities) = 10%; Attendance  & participation = 15%



  Course material

Atelier, 1st Edition 2019 + Mindtap, Kim Jansma | Margaret Ann Kassen, Cengage Mindtap instant access 9781305276543

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