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Most courses in the 100 and 200 series meet in several sections and at different times; see schedule of classes for more information.

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Lorraine Piroux, Chair (848) 932-8223


Students are placed in French courses according to performance on the placement test taken upon entering the university as first-year or transfer students.

  • Please note, students must complete 420:132 or 420:137 before taking any 200-level course taught in French. Courses in English (420:105, 241, 306) are open to all students.
  • Please note you cannot take 215 AND 217; nor can you take 216 AND 218.
  • French 215 (or 217) and 216 (or 218) are prerequisites to all 300 and 400 level courses. French 213 and 214 are recommended but not required. Students who place above the 200-level or who wish to request exceptions should consult the Undergraduate Director.
  • It is strongly recommended that students take 6 credits at the 300-level before taking 400-level courses.