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Note:  These scholarships are available to Rutgers University students only.

Rutgers French Department

The French Department offers the following two scholarships for Rutgers students.  These are partial scholarships awarded to students on the combined basis of need and merit.  Upon acceptance, we will mail an application to all eligible students.  To be considered, applications must be received by April 1st.

  • The Rick Lockwood Memorial Travel Scholarship
  • The Albert M. Wolohojian Memorial Travel Scholarship

Douglass Residential College (DRC)

The Douglass Residential College offers scholarships to Douglass students planning on studying abroad through a Rutgers-sponsored program in the fall semester, spring semester, summer, or for the entire academic year.  If you are a Douglass student in good academic standing, and you would like to pursue studies internationally, please visit the DRC website to learn more about funding opportunities.
If you have questions about Douglass scholarships, please contact Lauren Zielinski, Director of Scholarships and Housing, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

School for Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS)

SEBS offers International Summer Scholarships to SEBS students.  For more information, please go to: scholarships.

School of Arts and Sciences (SAS)

SAS makes small awards to their students based on need [a Financial Aid Form (FAFSA) must be on file with the University] and merit.
For information on scholarships for SAS students, please contact the Scholarship Office Program Coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phi Sigma Iota

Phi Sigma Iota Merit Scholarship:  This scholarship is granted to undergraduate members of Phi Sigma Iota based on merit (overall cumulative average, average in foreign languages taken at Rutgers, and level of study achieved).  For more information, please go to: Phi Sigma Iota.

National Competitive Scholarship - Benjamin A. Gilman Awards

If you are a student who receives a Pell Grant and are a U.S. citizen, you can apply to receive up to $5,000 towards the costs associated with study abroad. This award is extremely competitive and requires an essay and a proposal. The deadline varies based on semester and early applications are available as well. For more information please visit
Typical award amount: Up to $5,000

For more information about possible scholarships, please visit: