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Is there an application fee?  No.

I studied French in high school, but I have not taken any college-level French.  Can I still apply? 
No.  Applicants must have taken Intermediate French, or the equivalent of French 132.

I am in my last year at Rutgers.  Can I still apply?  Yes.

What are the deadlines for applying?
We prefer students to apply in the fall; spring is also acceptable.  All fees are due by May 1st, so registration
should be completed by that date.

I submitted an application.  When will I be notified of my acceptance or denial?  Within one month.

Does financial aid apply towards the program? 
It may or may not.  Please contact the university financial aid office to confirm.

I have a parent who works at Rutgers.  Does tuition remission still apply?  Yes, one summer is allowed. 

I am a Rutgers student.  Can the doctor's form be filled out at one of the campus health centers?  Yes.

Are there any group activities planned?  Do we get to travel outside of Paris?
Yes.  Please see the cultural activities section of the program description page.
If you choose to go to any site independently, you must notify the director of your plans.

I am a non-Rutgers student.  How can I obtain a copy of my transcript at the completion of the program?
Please contact the Rutgers Transcript Office.