The Graduate Program in French

Graduate Program in French M.A.T Degree Learning Goals and Assessment

Learning Goals: students will

--improve their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills through intensive practice
--attain oral and written proficiency as stipulated in the ACTFL guidelines
--broaden their knowledge of the French language and of French and Francophone culture, history, and literature
--demonstrate competency in the latest theories, methodologies, and techniques of second-language acquisition
--enhance their ability to develop instructional materials appropriate for the K-12 classroom
--become aware of the wide range of available resources


--performance in classes
--completion of ACTFL oral and writing proficiency tests with a rating of at least Advanced-Low for both the OPI and WPT tests
--presentation of teaching portfolio before a 2-member faculty committee
--exit survey of recent graduates

Department of French Ph.D. Degree Learning Goals

The doctoral program in French trains students at the highest level to be college and university-level scholars and teachers

Learning Goal 1 for Students: attain and demonstrate the fundamental knowledge of French–language
literatures while developing skills for analyzing and interpreting literary texts

Assessment for graduate student achievement of Goal 1:

--performance in graduate seminars (short written and oral assignments, class participation, research papers)
--completion of masters exams
--performance on written and oral Qualifying Examination to assess knowledge of field
--demonstration of ability to apply a variety of theoretical approaches to the study of literature

Role of the program in helping students to achieve Goal 1:

--offer a wide variety of seminars
--assure that students are prepared for rigorous study and exams
--closely monitor student progress on a semester basis
--assign mentors in specialized fields
--review curricular offerings and requirements

Learning Goal 2 for Students: Engage in original research

Assessment of graduate student achievement of Goal 2:

--defense of dissertation proposal in front of a three-member committee
--research and writing of dissertation chapters
--end-of-semester evaluation of progress by dissertation advisor
--public defense of dissertation

Role of the program in helping students to achieve Goal 2:

--provide research methods training and opportunities for research
--monitor writing progress
--encourage students to present papers at regional, national, and international conferences
--subsidize travel to conferences

Learning Goal 3 for Students: develop effective teaching strategies

Assessment for student achievement of Goal 3:

--close classroom supervision by Language Coordinator
--grades in teaching methods courses
--teaching evaluations

Role of the program in helping students to achieve Goal 3:

--assign students to teach elementary and intermediate-level language courses
--supervise teaching assistants, hold periodic group meetings to plan common exams
--encourage students to attend Language Coordinator’s and/or Head TA’s class/section
--Language Coordinator and faculty mentor visit TA classroom each semester and provide feedback

Learning Goal 4 for Students: Prepare students for careers in college teaching and research

Assessment of graduate student achievement of Goal 4:

--evaluate teaching effectiveness
--collect placement data

Role of the program in helping students to achieve Goal 4:

--monitor progress toward completion of degree
--assist with preparation of curriculum vitae
--notify students about job openings and post-doc opportunities
--arrange and conduct mock job interviews
--encourage, facilitate, and subsidize presentations at conferences
--support organizing student conferences
--provide advice about submitting articles for publication



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